Architecture and Design Trends in 2019

Hussein Architecture

The world is steadily moving towards appreciating and celebrating the values of resilience design, sustainability and healthy living, that direction is guaranteed to continue in 2019, allowing natural light, natural air and pleasant views to the interiors is the ultimate goal of every designer now, securing high indoor air quality for inhabitants is also a crucial standard of a good design, naturally and environment-friendly sourced materials and accessories are not only sustainable but also cozy, relaxing and intimate, I foresee the design trends in 2019 as more natural materials, colors, textures and looks with the maximum possible day lighting and outside views, and providing more space to enable people to practice physical and social activities instead of being tied to electronic devices.

Living Coral is a vibrant and trendy color, although it doesn’t promote well the natural feel that we spoke about but it can support creating a contemporary interior mood when used very wisely to give some nourishment and playfulness in combination with natural materials such as dark wood or dark marbles such as Negro Marquina or Dark Emperador.

The Tiles of India Magazine – Jan-Feb 2019

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HusseinArchitecture and Design Trends in 2019