Creating Sustainable and Livable Cities – The Role of Urban Planning

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As part of Moderspaces MENA Conference, The Address Dubai Marina Hotel, October 4th, 2023, this panel discussion included Darryl Custer, Managing Director, KEO International Consultants Architects, Liam Farrell, Advisory Director – Head of Strategic Planning, WSPNidhi Aggarwal, Principal – Urban Design and Masterplanning, WS AtkinsKairmein Deboo-Irani, Director Urban Planning, Arcadis and moderated by Hussein Mahran, Head of PMO, NAGA Architects.

This invigorating panel discusses the domino effect when developing inclusive communities that prioritize pedestrian safety and inclusion, as well as the methods behind incorporating green spaces into urban environments. Additionally, these industry leaders discuss the impact urban development has on socio-economic standings as well as the environment.

The discussion was about the following questions:

  1. How can the integration of urban planning and sustainable practices benefit the future of cities?
  2. What challenges do urban planners face in their efforts to create sustainable and livable cities? With focus on MENA region
  3. What is the role of integrating green spaces, such as parks and gardens into urban environments?
  4. How do urban planners use technology and data for sustainable and livable design?
  5. What are the challenges of prioritizing pedestrian safety and accessibility in the MENA region?
  6. How can urban design concepts allow for the integration and inclusion of residents without the exclusion of the poor?
  7. How can we transform the walking/cycling culture in the MENA region from a leisure activity and a physical exercise to a lifestyle?
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HusseinCreating Sustainable and Livable Cities – The Role of Urban Planning