Towards a Sustainable & Smart Arab City Paradigm

Hussein Architecture, Lectures

I lectured on the future aspirations towards a sustainable and smart Arab city paradigm within the Architecture and Design Theatre on Feb 11th at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center at Stone Surface Saudi 2020.

I’ve structured the presentation on five sections, starting with, where are we now? And if our cities are following the proper paradigms, then a quick overview on livability, how livable our Arab cities are, and what should be done to increase livability. Then on sustainability, what should we do to reserve, adequate resources for the upcoming generations and then smartness and how could the internet of things and intelligent connectivity solutions improve the efficiency of our cities? finally, I’ll look into what should be done. how can authorities communities and individuals participate in making Arab cities sustainable and livable?

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HusseinTowards a Sustainable & Smart Arab City Paradigm