The Innocent Man – John Grisham

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397229This is my first John Grisham reading, legal thriller is an interesting subjecy, however, this novel could easily emerge in half this size, too much off-context details and too much names got me a bit bored and a bit lost, though the case is hearth-breaking, but being a real story had some disadvantages such as not being able to know the final solution of the case, you get a load of promising leads from the first chapter, mysterious murder, wrongfully-spelled words written with catsup on walls, then another murder that’s more bizzare and mysterious with corpse whereabouts missing, you expect a breath-taking thriller and you expect – obviously – to eventually discover the solution of all that mess, but you simply – and unfortunately – don’t!, you just get a very obvious fact: Oklahoma is a terrible place to get into any trouble with police!

P.S. note to the art director or whoever put a bunch of photos at the exact middle of the book: you’ve spoiled the thriller by showing me photos of Ron and Dennis getting exonerated while I was still reading their terrible suffering in prison and death row !!!


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HusseinThe Innocent Man – John Grisham