Capernaum (2018) كفرناحوم

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This is definitely one of the most intriguing, provocative, heart blowing and irritating movies I’ve ever watched, this is the type of movies that leaves you in a disturbed state of mind while gazing at the credits scrolling down on the screen, it’s hard to formulate a solid impression on such movies, it’s definitely impressive and humane, but not necessarily …

HusseinCapernaum (2018) كفرناحوم

Philanthropy (2002)

Hussein Movie Reviews

That could be a unique genre of movies where it’s hard to categorize, it’s definitely comedy, but it’s also sociopolitical drama and psychological tragedy, it could be even categorized as thriller and as fantasy, it has it all, it deeply describes post-communism Romania as much as it does for many other countries as well where life gets harder on intellectual …

HusseinPhilanthropy (2002)

indigènes – Days of Glory (2006)

Hussein Movie Reviews

This is a masterpiece, an epic tragedy that resembles a critical and uncovered chapter of human’s struggle against discrimination, poverty, tyranny and inequality, this movie explains a lot about the diversity of the modern days French society and the historical right of Arabs in France through the sacrifices of their ancestors to liberate France when it was in its weakest …

Husseinindigènes – Days of Glory (2006)

Steve Jobs vs. Spotlight (2015)

Hussein Movie Reviews

I have to admit that I’ve been struck by the unexpected awesomeness of this movie that I don’t actually quite figure out why it wasn’t shortlisted for the Oscars’ best picture and best screenplay, best  this year, Though it already won The Golden Globe for best screenplay and best actress in a supporting role, it definitely deserved at least one Oscar trophy, …

HusseinSteve Jobs vs. Spotlight (2015)

Joyeux Noël (2005)

Hussein Movie Reviews

I fell in love with this unique piece of art, it is really touching, humane, artistic, ethical, aesthetical and entertaining. it doesn’t just immortalize the true and honored story of “The Christmas Truce” of 1914 during the World War I, but gives a lesson about humanity and how pure morals could be spoilt by the war machine and by the …

HusseinJoyeux Noël (2005)

The Revenant (2015)

Hussein Movie Reviews

Leonardo DiCaprio probably made this film for the sole purpose of securing his first Oscar’s, the man did the impossible this time, he fought with a wild bear, slept inside the corpse of a dead horse, he achieved a great job of performance this time so there’s no excuse for not giving him the trophy. The movie itself is of …

HusseinThe Revenant (2015)