Steve Jobs vs. Spotlight (2015)

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I have to admit that I’ve been struck by the unexpected awesomeness of this movie that I don’t actually quite figure out why it wasn’t shortlisted for the Oscars’ best picture and best screenplay, best  this year, Though it already won The Golden Globe for best screenplay and best actress in a supporting role, it definitely deserved at least one Oscar trophy, it came much better than Jobs (2013) although it focused on a much shorter time frame.

Trying to compare this marvelous piece of creativity with the Oscar winner, Spotlight, makes more confused about the rules of nomination, I can put the comparison like this:

  • Screenplay: Both the two movies resembled true events but in two completely different approaches, Spotlight was dull and boring, it’s actually closer to a “documentary” than a “motion picture”, the story it showcased was critical and sensitive but the approach wasn’t entertaining, it was just “narrative” as in a press reportage you can read in a newspaper or watch in National Geographic, while Steve Jobs was really entertaining, creative and attractive though it just showcased three moments in the life of the celebrity and was almost barred inside one location, the evolution of the main characters along with the three main chapters of the movie was perfectly synchronized and well studied to the smallest detail in terms of costumes, makeup, accessories, etc.
  • Performance: Spotlight characters were mediocre, just OK but not spectacular except for Stanley Tucci who was really outstanding as usual, no other crew member achieved extraordinary performance, i think that was the outcome of the poor screenplay, in Steve Jobs, Seth Rogen made a spectacular role, Kate Winslet evolved to a completely new level of her career, Michael Fassbender, however, haven’t impressed me that much but he did the complicated role very well.
  • Music: Sound track of Steve Jobs was enthusiastic and emotional and played a supporting role in the overall atmosphere of the movie, Spotlight hardly even was accompanied by any music.

I gave Steve Jobs 8/10 and Spotlight 6/10, I’m no critic or a professional, it’s just my personal opinion as one of the audience.

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HusseinSteve Jobs vs. Spotlight (2015)