The Revenant (2015)

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The RevenantLeonardo DiCaprio probably made this film for the sole purpose of securing his first Oscar’s, the man did the impossible this time, he fought with a wild bear, slept inside the corpse of a dead horse, he achieved a great job of performance this time so there’s no excuse for not giving him the trophy.

The movie itself is of course awesome, perfection and neatness clearly appear in every frame, every shot and every detail, in music, editing, costumes, makeup, in every tiny detail you can feel the hard work, however, and though its runtime is relatively long, I think the movie lacks a strong backbone of a story, it didn’t focus enough on the romantic relationship between Leo and the native American girl, we didn’t know how they met or what brought her in his way, it could dedicate a few minutes to the kidnapped tribal girl and how she was rescued, there’s not even a female protagonist!

I’d give Leo 9/10, the movie making 8/10 and the movie story 5/10.


[imdb id=”tt1663202″ plot=”full”]

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HusseinThe Revenant (2015)