Towards a Sustainable & Smart Arab City Paradigm

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I lectured on the future aspirations towards a sustainable and smart Arab city paradigm within the Architecture and Design Theatre on Feb 11th at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center at Stone Surface Saudi 2020. I’ve structured the presentation on five sections, starting with, where are we now? And if our cities are following the proper paradigms, then a quick …

HusseinTowards a Sustainable & Smart Arab City Paradigm

Architecture and Design Trends in 2019

Hussein Architecture

The world is steadily moving towards appreciating and celebrating the values of resilience design, sustainability and healthy living, that direction is guaranteed to continue in 2019, allowing natural light, natural air and pleasant views to the interiors is the ultimate goal of every designer now, securing high indoor air quality for inhabitants is also a crucial standard of a good …

HusseinArchitecture and Design Trends in 2019

Award of Merit Winner – 55th Annual Gold Nugget Awards

Hussein Architecture

NAGA Architects received the Award of Merit at the prestigious Gold Nugget competition in the category of “Best International on the Boards Project” for the “Bay Residences” project in Mina Al Arab, Ras Al Khaimah that I had the honor to be its design project manager, award was announced at the San Francisco Moscone Center on the 28th of June! …

HusseinAward of Merit Winner – 55th Annual Gold Nugget Awards

Showcase Architect – The Tiles of India Magazine

Hussein Architecture

I’ve been showcased in May-June 2018 issue of The Tiles of India magazine based in Mumbai, check the e-version of May-June 2018 issue here and read the full showcase here. “Hussein Mahran, an architect with NAGA Architects, headquartered in Dubai with offices in USA and Saudi Arabia explains his design aesthetics in a conversation with The Tiles of India. Hussein Mahran is …

HusseinShowcase Architect – The Tiles of India Magazine

Evolution of Hi-Tech.. Devolution of Human

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Are we – as human beings – really progressing as per the same pace of the progress of Hi-Tech? or are we descending? Are we moving towards being more intelligent and more efficient? or the other way around? Does Artificial Intelligence really help us focus on what matters more or does it just do the exercises we should’ve been practicing …

HusseinEvolution of Hi-Tech.. Devolution of Human

Northbay Residences – Mina Al Arab

Hussein Architecture

    Northbay Residences, a residential beach apartment and retail complex, a part of Hayat Island develoment in Mina Al Arab, Ras Al Khaimah by RAK Properties. Approximate total built-up area: 1.3 million square feet. designed by naga architects Northbay Residences at Cityscape Global, Dubai Sep 2017

HusseinNorthbay Residences – Mina Al Arab

AUD Student Project Interview

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An interview about the role of a “designer”, by Mahetab Hassan, AUD student at the School of Interior Design.   Who inspired you to be a designer? Two things. Firstly he read a book when he was at high school by Hassan Fathi – an Egyptian architect that was interested in environmental building and using local materials and developing the way …

HusseinAUD Student Project Interview

عن صورة منير المرسومة بالفحم.. عن العمارة وسنينها

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مقدمة لابد منها: وانا صغير كنت كل ما أعدي قدام المبنى العريق بتاع كلية الهندسة أقول “دي كليتي”، وقتها مكنتش عارف بالضبط يعني إيه هندسة بس المبنى له هيبة كده تديك إحساس انه أكيد الناس اللي جوه دي بتعمل حاجة مهمة، بس مكانش هدفي اني أكون معماري، حتى مخدتش قدرات عمارة في ثانوية عامة، كنت بشوف نفسي أكتر في حاجة …

Husseinعن صورة منير المرسومة بالفحم.. عن العمارة وسنينها