I’m the invisible mastermind

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I – literally – control your life, I’ve pre-decided for you the view you open your eyes on every morning, I’ve planned how you move inside your own house, where you prepare your morning coffee and where park your car, I even control how long it takes the elevator to bring you up to your office.

I’ve pre-designed your life, you only follow the script I’ve written for you, I humbly hope you like my script, if you have any comment just send me a feedback so I can make it easier for other people when I write the scripts of their lives.

I’m the mastermind, I’m the ARCHITECT.

You wake up on the bed that I decided to place in this exact position, not against the perpendicular wall, you go to where I placed the bathroom door, you take your shower at the tiny corner I’ve chosen for that purpose, you open your window to see the view I’ve oriented the building to, you take the elevator for which I’ve designated the sufficient space, and in case of emergency please don’t panic, I’ve designed a clear direct path to lead you to open air in the shortest possible time.

I’m the one who’ve chosen these materials for your walls and floors, calculated the amount of garbage you will dispose, studied the sun movement path above your roof and the circulation of your car down to your parking slot along with the traffic flow within the surrounding streets to make your life as convenient as it is.

Wherever you go, whether it’s a hospital, a campus, an airport, a shopping mall, a sports arena or even a train station, I’ve been there years before, analyzing every detail and preparing every square inch to be exactly as you see now, predicting your behavior and simulating your movement, making the place function as it’s supposed to.

Moreover, If we zoom out a little it’s me too who planned your path to the office or grocery store and your child’s path to school, I’ve placed that tree where it is and placed the pedestrian crossing lines in that exact location, nothing is here just by coincidence!

You don’t recognize my name although you are simply acting your part in the play of which I had written every single detail long before you entered the scene.

I’m the mastermind, I’m the ARCHITECT.

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HusseinI’m the invisible mastermind