Joyeux Noël (2005)

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Joyeux-Noel-Front-Cover-12763I fell in love with this unique piece of art, it is really touching, humane, artistic, ethical, aesthetical and entertaining.
it doesn’t just immortalize the true and honored story of “The Christmas Truce” of 1914 during the World War I, but gives a lesson about humanity and how pure morals could be spoilt by the war machine and by the widespread of ignorant hatred, I loved how the first scene resembled three school children from France, England and Germany all repeating a memorized speech of hatred against the other nations then the film ended with three scenes of the three supposedly confronting armies rejecting hatred and returning to their regular state of humanity.
P.S. I liked that the commander of the German troops was a Jew that’s married to a French woman, and I liked that everyone spoke his own language, it affirmed the message of accepting people’s diversity.

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HusseinJoyeux Noël (2005)