Philanthropy (2002)

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That could be a unique genre of movies where it’s hard to categorize, it’s definitely comedy, but it’s also sociopolitical drama and psychological tragedy, it could be even categorized as thriller and as fantasy, it has it all, it deeply describes post-communism Romania as much as it does for many other countries as well where life gets harder on intellectual educated professionals while it gets easy on crooks and parasitic creatures, famous honored poets and novelists can’t afford a drink while models and “nouveau riche” earn loads of money doing nothing valuable, where you must be fraudulent and inauthentic in order to gain your spot in the new society.
Nae Caranfil is a innovative director, I’d recommend “The Rest is Silence” and “Closer to the Moon” of his films, while Mircea Diaconu is a really talented and persistent actor, you can also see him in “Asphalt Tango“.
This movie is simply shocking, enchanting, charming and – above all – deep.

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HusseinPhilanthropy (2002)