Tweets From Tahrir – Nadia Idle & Alex Nunns

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I almost cried at some tweets! it’s the story of the Egyptian Revolution right from the people who made it and right from the heart of Tahrir Square and other spots in Cairo, however I still have a few notes:

1. The tweets mentioned in the book are limited to people who tweet in English which deprived us from maybe 95% of activists and eyewitnesses who – obviously in such critical circumstances – tweeted in Arabic so that they can reach the majority of people in Egypt.

2. I like how the editors copied the tweets as they were spontaneously written and even with syntax errors.

3. It was important and critical to document the daily events of the revolution before it gets counterfeited by certain forces, people now know exactly what happened in every day, I already felt like these tweets were written 10 years ago, the current situation is much different, a lot has happened since Feb 11th.


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HusseinTweets From Tahrir – Nadia Idle & Alex Nunns

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